13 spectacular photos of the “Super Blood Moon” solar eclipse from all over the world

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On Wednesday, May 26, 2021, a total lunar eclipse was seen on Santa Monica Beach in Santa Monica, California.

On Wednesday, May 26, 2021, a complete lunar eclipse was seen on Santa Monica Beach in Santa Monica, California.
picture: Zhao Linhao (Associated Press)

On the east coast of the United States, in the early hours of Wednesday morning, the earth’s shadow The moon shrouded in darknessThis is the first lunar eclipse since January 2019, and additionally it is one of the two lunar eclipses we’ll witness in 2021. Not solely that, however this type of lunar eclipse happens throughout the “super blood moon”-making it tremendous spectacular, as a result of the moon seems “super large” in the sky when it reaches the earth very near the moon.And, most significantly, as a result of The moon cloud is dripping the blood of the undead Sunlight passes by means of the earth’s ambiance.

I mentioned “we” witnessed this, however it is a lie. Like many different individuals on the East Coast, I fell asleep when this celestial present took place-I missed it fully.Maybe you noticed it, however we No. Thankfully, photographers round the world have captured the tremendous blood moon eclipse, as a result of these of us are exhausted and can’t look out simply because one thing cool has occurred. For us-or anybody who desires to enjoy awe-inspiring celestial bodies-here are some superb photos of the tremendous blood lunar eclipse captured round the earth the place the lunar eclipse is seen.