Android is getting smarter and we can’t wait

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Jessie: Yes it is. I might say this is an excellent selection. One day, we will tie the pc to our eyes in order that we can really use it in mattress and work like that.

MC: Good man.

LG: They all go round in a circle.

MC: Maybe it is a heat gel tub.

LG: Okay, Mike, do you have got any ideas this week?

MC: I’ll advocate a podcast. This is a podcast of music historical past.Called And introduce, Only two phrases, And introduce. Therefore, I have to take you again to twenty years, as a result of in 2001, journalist Michael Azerrad revealed a e book.Called Our band could be your life. There are many chapters on this e book, and every chapter focuses on the historical past of an underground band within the Nineteen Eighties and Nineteen Nineties. Therefore, there are chapters on “Sonic Youth and Alternatives”, “Ass Surfers”, “Little Threats”, “Black Flags”, “Little Dinosaurs”, and “Fu Gazi”. This e book primarily introduces any massive underground rock band within the Nineteen Eighties.

Therefore, to rejoice the twentieth anniversary of this very talked-about and influential e book, the podcast is doing an episode for every chapter. Therefore, you will get one episode of every band within the e book. In order to finish all of this, in the long run, they are going to invite the creator of the e book, Michael Azerrad (Michael Azerrad) within the podcast to conduct an interview to restrict this.

Therefore, this is a really loopy journey. You solely have to study extra about these bands. The proprietor is actually fascinating. You study quite a bit. Even in case you have learn this e book, you continue to have to study some info. So this is my recommendation to anybody who has learn this e book and favored it, or somebody who has put this e book on the shelf however by no means absolutely absorbed it. And introduce Bring you into it.

LG: Mike, I simply wish to pause for a second as a result of I’m shocked. I feel I used to be shocked by the silence. Do you advocate music podcasts?

MC: Yes it is. A nasty music historical past podcast.

LG: Oh my god. This is an excessive amount of.

MC:Indeed. I feel it could be time to publish my very own music historical past podcast.

LG: I feel it is best to.

MC: This is what all my pals are doing. It appears very trendy.

LG: You will likely be superb at it. You will likely be nice. You could make a podcast about music historical past podcasts.

MC: Now we are speaking. Now we are speaking. Lauren, please inform us which music historical past podcasts you advocate?

LG: Although I’ve laughed at Gillard earlier than, this week’s advice is really similar to Gillard. I like to recommend ice cream.

MC: That is Girardian.

LG: That’s it. Just ice cream. Please, I hope vegetarians won’t be unhappy. There is additionally vegan ice cream there. Yes it is. Or the lactose intolerance there. I’m very sorry, however I like to recommend ice cream.

MC: Always a robust suggestion, however why now?

LG: I occurred to be on the East Coast of the United States with Julian. And it’s extremely, very heat. I forgot how moist it was. All day lengthy, I felt the moisture simply drained from me. But I miss it right here. I swear, guys.

Also, I dwell with my brother’s household, my niece and nephew are right here, they’re all kids. They are youngsters, however they’re kids, and they like ice cream. Therefore, we have been promoting ice cream within the night, which is nice. It’s only a small time in summer time. I can spend time with my niece and nephew. We went to a small farm right here final evening and sat exterior and ate some ice cream. I eat vanilla on prime of crunch and scorching fudge on the Heath Bar. My veteran had an ice cream known as Play-Doh. It is vibrant yellow and really appears to be like like Play-Doh. It appears to be like actually disgusting. My nephew…I do not bear in mind what he had, however then he made enjoyable of my mom (their grandmother) Pistachio. He was like, “That’s the taste of an old lady.” I assumed, “Better.”