Bernie Sanders: The hard way to pass Jeff Bezos’ billion-dollar space travel

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Bernie Sanders stated, however Jeff Bezos should not simply get billions of {dollars} from NASA as a result of he thinks he deserves it. After “Blue Origin” was ashamed of dropping to SpaceX with a $2.9 billion NASA contract for the unique lunar touchdown mission (NASA stated the funds had been restricted) , Democratic Senator Maria Cantwell (from Washington, the hometown of Amazon)Nail on The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) allotted 10 billion U.S. {dollars} for the “Endless Frontier Act”, which allocates funds for technological innovation and space exploration analysis. It is speculated that Blue Origin will obtain a big portion, as a result of Cantwell’s modification clearly states that NASA will present subsidies. “design, Many opportunities for development, testing and evaluation More than 2 entities” Human Landing System Project. (Both Blue Origin and Dynetics bid for the contract)

As Joey Roulette of Edge Magazine first reported, Sanders proposed Another amendment On Monday, specifically, “the Bezos rescue plan that eliminated the billions of dollars.”

Just like Washington post, Blue Origin’s complaints and lobbying aggravated Musk-Bezos’ hatred. In April, Elon Musk Reply Regarding the New York Times’ report on Bezos’ objections: “You can’t laugh out loud.” (Flirty)

in fly, SpaceX stated that the Cantwell modification “undermined the federal government’s procurement process, rewarded Jeff Bezos with an exclusive fund of $10 billion, and will put NASA’s Artemis program into multi-year litigation.” It provides “Blue Origin”No single rocket or spacecraft has been produced Able to attain orbit. ”

In 2011, Blue Origin obtained $22 million from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). By 2020, $579 million Developed a lunar lander from NASA.It additionally gained lost A $500 million Air Force contract with SpaceX.

Blue Origin takes it again Own flyer The subtitle is “Elon Musk is afraid…a bit of competitors?” and the “lie” in the SpaceX flyer is itemized. The bottom line is: “Elon Musk repeatedly talks in regards to the worth of competitors, however when it comes to NASA’s Human Landing System (HLS) program, he needs all the pieces to be his personal.”

“Blue Origin” is right, as a result of competitors with the corporate intensifies all competitors is unfavorable.Related to that is that the Washington DC Attorney General Just announced He is submitting an antitrust lawsuit towards Amazon to stop third-party sellers from providing decrease costs on different web sites.

Amazon has been funding the federal government for a few years.The firm is Avoid payment Billions of {dollars} in authorities taxes, whereas receiving lots of of hundreds of thousands of {dollars} in tax deductions and billions of {dollars} In the subsidy.

Sanders additionally Puts forward the key points For now, we might want to prioritize the planet the place the remainder of us plan to stay full-time.