China brings the rover to the surface of Mars

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China grew to become the second nation to efficiently deploy a automobile on Mars on Saturday, and the first nation to accomplish that on a go to to the “Red Planet” for the first time. Reuters Reported At round 10:40 am Beijing time, the solar-powered “Rongrong” rover drove down the ramp of the land module and reached the surface of Mars.

Zhu Rong landed on Mars for the first time Earlier this month, it started crusing on Mars, Utopia Planitia, a easy plain the place NASA’s Viking 2 lander landed in 1976.More than 1,200 miles from the Crater Lake of the American Rover Perseverance landed in February.The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter) of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) found the third rover, NASA Curiosity, which landed on Mars in 2012 Monte Mercu Climbing to Mars final month, Space information report.

Chinese state media posted photos of Zhu Rong’s arrival on Mars on Twitter.

Zhu Rong, named after the Chinese God of Vulcan, owns the Mars Rover Underground Radar, Mars Magnetic Field Probe and Mars Weather Monitor, and a high-resolution terrain digicam. It will examine the soil and environment of Mars and search for indicators of water or ice beneath the planet’s surface throughout the 90-day mission.

European Space Agency and Russian Roscosmos Aerospace Company Plan to jointly land the rover on Mars In 2022.