DARPA’s non-explosive drone demolition system uses huge “party streamers”

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DARPA has accomplished work on a system designed to shoot down small drones working in locations the place explosive countermeasures are unacceptable. In brief, this system entails launching a tool into the air, and as soon as it detects a drone, it would launch a huge streamer into the air, which is totally different from what you see from a small cannon at a celebration.

UAVs working in restricted airspace could be neutralized utilizing many alternative strategies, however when it have to be dismantled in densely populated areas reminiscent of cities, the duty turns into tough. Explosive anti-drone instruments are usually not appropriate for these locations, so the company has a distinct resolution: launch streamers on the drone, and they’re going to wrap across the ribbon.

DARPA Refer to this As an anti-UAS (C-UAS) multi-layer protection structure, please observe that it’s designed to make use of drones or a number of small drones with out authorization to function army operations and amenities. The system is described as reusable and low-cost, and the system has been in work for 4 years.

The reusable system can routinely establish close by drones, whereas numerous methods information merchandise to intercept drones-this could be completed with and with out an operator. The key to the system is the sturdy “rope streamer”, which is sprayed from the receiver to the drone after which wrapped within the rope.

The system is designed to take care of a gaggle of small unmanned drones, not only a single wayward drone that invades army airspace. DARPA confirmed off the ultimate expertise in a brand new video, exhibiting one thing similar to the streamers you would possibly see popping up from novel toys and fireworks.