E Ink’s new e-paper screen has a built-in touch screen, which can make e-readers cheaper

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It’s uncommon to seek out e-book readers that don’t use a touch screen to navigate their person interface.Or simply flip the web page of the e-book,Much simpler. and so, In view of the demand for this function, in the present day E Ink introduced a new digital ink screen Has a built-in touch sensor This can enhance picture high quality and assist make these gadgets extra inexpensive.

Even the cheapest entry-level Amazon Kindle includes a touch screen, but to add this feature, you need touch sensing The panel is to be laminated on top of the provided ePaper display Through E Ink. This extra step not only increases the cost of the manufacturing process, but also adds a touch sensor, and also adds another layer of light to pass through, which can reduce the contrast of the E Ink screen (one of the biggest selling points of display technology).

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picture: Electronic ink

Looking to the future, companies that integrate E Ink screens into their devices can choose the company’s new On-Cell Touch ePaper module, which includes a touch screen Pre-integrated coating between the e-ink film and the top-emitting lighting panel.All in one The solution should help reduce the cost of components in touch screen e-readers or e-notes And simplify manufacturing. E Ink also promised that its integrated touch screen sensor will increase the contrast of Carta’s black and white ePaper screen by as much as 30%, while increasing the contrast of its color Kaleido Plus ePaper screen by as much as 40%, which can be said to be a big goal.need Promote the development of this technology.

The new On-Cell Touch ePaper module Can mark 2 pieces, Its biggest disadvantage is the lack of illuminated screens, so it is also difficult to use as an e-reader.Its creators chose to skip the lighting panel in order to make the e-ink screen as thin as possible so as to be on the screen The experience of a stylus is as close as a pen and paper Experience as much as possible.Integrate all these layers (including touch and front light) into the E Ink screen from the beginning, Future versions of reMarkable tablets may provide the same excellent digital note-taking experience, and provide a glowing screen during this period Inspiration struck at midnight.