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This is the second run for the reason that begin of the race and Klee has returned Primordial shock Just in time for summer time. She could also be small, however she has a robust Pryo infused fist, utilizing her dazzling explosive experience by sending Hilichurls, Abyssal Mage, and fish to the sky. Here are the kinds of her enjoying and the best physique, weapons, and artifacts that permit Klee to spice up her rallying energy to the highest of your injury record.

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Klee construct information: crew roles, assaults, skills and constellations

despite Primordial shock Since her preliminary arrival, many different highly effective Pyro customers have been added, and Klee’s extraordinarily damaging persona makes her a very distinctive alternative on your crew. Her regular assaults are a bit sluggish, however they may undoubtedly explode. They match nicely together with her different expertise. They can deal with the heavy Pyro AoE DMG and clear the luggage of slimes and Hilichurls with none issues.

Since every assault is infused with the Pyro in a roundabout way, she may be very appropriate for coping with sure abyss mages and their shields, however will grow to be ineffective towards different Pyro enemies. She may even throw giant monsters like Frostarm Lawachurl like a volleyball.

This is a fast breakdown of her talent set.

talent influences
Elemental Skill: Jump Jump optimistic: Throw a leaping dwarf that bounces 3 times, inflicting an AoE Pyro DMG when it strikes. It exploded after the third bounce, inflicting Pyo DMG and dropping mines across the touchdown zone. The mine exploded close to the enemy or after a brief delay, inflicting the AoE Pyro DMG. There are two prices for this talent.
Elemental explosion: Sparks’n’ Splash Within 10 seconds, Klee routinely causes AoE Pyro DMG to close by enemies.
Talent 1: Rolling Hoarfrost When Crip’s assault and elemental expertise trigger injury, there’s a 50% probability of getting an explosion spark, in order that her subsequent cost assault won’t eat bodily energy, and the injury will improve by 50%.
Talent 2: The Source of War Desire After charging the CRIT, all crew members acquire 2 elemental power.
characteristic Shows the situation of close by Mondstadt distinctive sources on the minimap.
constellation influences
C1: Chain response Attacks and expertise have a sure probability to summon sparks to bombard the enemy, inflicting injury equal to 120% of her elemental burst injury.
C2: Explosive fragments Enemies struck by mines together with her elemental expertise have their defenses decreased by 23% for 10 seconds.
C3: beautiful compound Jumpy Dumpty’s stage elevated by 3.
C4: Shining explosion If Kerry leaves the sector through the elemental explosion, the explosion will trigger fireplace injury equal to 555% of her assault energy to close by enemies.
C5: New outbreak Increase the extent of Sparks’n’ Splash by 3.
C6: Fiery pleasure During her elemental burst, different crew members will regain power and acquire a ten% fireplace injury bonus on the finish.

Klee’s talent portrays a serious DPS choice, which is way more complicated than many of the catalyst characters within the sport proper now. Big bangs, bouncing bombs, landmines and laser beams are all a part of her instrument equipment, and most of them seem with different instruments. All of which means she is excellent at triggering elemental reactions, however she wants some assist to set them up.

Klee Construction Guide: Klee’s Best Weapon

Klee's best weapon in Genshin Impact.

Klee depends on CRIT price, CRIT DMG and ATK to get excessive Pry DMG, however most of her best weapons are derived from their extra results. Here are the best Klee weapons to equip her. Some will improve her authentic assault energy, some will improve her elemental injury, and some will solely make her use her expertise extra regularly.

  1. Lost the prayer for the sacred wind
  2. Sky Atlas
  3. Solar Pearl
  4. Sacrifice fragments
  5. Eye of Perception

Lost the prayer for the sacred wind

  • Reward standing: CRIT price
  • Movement velocity elevated by 10%. In battle, acquire 8% elemental injury bonus each 4 seconds. Up to 4 stacks. Continue till the character falls or leaves the battle.

This five-star gashapon weapon will present Kerry with the additional important strike price she needs, whereas permitting her to stack as much as 36% of the additional elemental injury bonus in lower than 12 seconds.

Sky Atlas

  • Bonus information: assault energy
  • Elemental injury bonus elevated by 12%. Normal assault hits have a 50% probability to make Yun Duo search for close by enemies and assault for 15 seconds, inflicting 160% injury. It can solely occur as soon as each 30 seconds.

This gashapon weapon will work with groups that swap between roles frequently. Its silly little gimmick has a 30-second cooldown, which signifies that if Klee shouldn’t be your primary injury seller, then change her each 30 seconds simply to disperse one other darkish cloud and value her elemental expertise. is value it.

Solar Pearl

  • Reward statistics: CRIT price
  • Normal assaults improve elemental expertise and elemental burst injury by 20% for six seconds. Similarly, elemental expertise or elemental important hits improve the conventional assault DMG by 20% for six seconds.

This is technically a paid weapon, however it’s comparatively low cost to acquire and could be upgraded with every new battle cross, thereby lowering reliance on playing. With the addition of CRIT price and specializing in the conventional assaults that Klee sends frequently, this weapon will assist the primary DPS Klee attain new heights.

Sacrifice fragments

  • Reward statistics: mastery of components
  • After utilizing an elemental talent to trigger injury to the opponent, the talent has a 40% probability to finish your CD. It can solely occur as soon as each 30 seconds.

This is nice for the primary DPS Klee and the auxiliary Klee. Her elemental expertise can already be used twice at a time, however by way of elemental mastery to enhance it, and then two pictures to set off the weapon’s cooldown reset, this can be a excellent, frequent drop gashapon weapon, you have to be prepared .

Eye of Perception

  • Bonus information: assault energy
  • Normal assaults and charged assaults have a 50% probability to launch notion arrows, leading to 240% ATK DMG. This bolt can bounce between enemies as much as 4 occasions. This impact can happen each 12 seconds.

If you could have few choices, the three-star Eye of Perception may cause Klee to trigger some appreciable injury. By specializing in enhancing her regular assaults and charged assaults, this weapon turned her AoE-enabled hits into mini variations of her elemental bursts.

Klee construct information: Klee’s best artifacts

The best artifact of Klee in Genshin Impact.
  • Four-piece set: Scarlet Flame Witch

Although the Pale Flame swimsuit has been launched since Klee’s first banner, you do not wish to decide it up for her as a result of her regular assaults and charged assaults have prompted elemental DMGs as a substitute of bodily DMGs.

Klee’s best artifact swimsuit is identical as earlier than, nonetheless the Scarlet Witch, which can elevate her Pyro DMG to new heights. Since it provides one other 50% to the entire four-piece swimsuit, there isn’t any cause to be content material with splitting the artifact swimsuit.

Here are Klee’s best stats. Pay consideration to those when farming and upgrading the Crimson Flame Witch swimsuit:

Coin slot Main information Sub-statistics
feather Attack energy ATK%, component mastery, crit injury, crit price
flower life worth
Drip ATK% / Elemental Mastery
tapestry Pyro DMG Rewards / Elemental Mastery
scarf Attack energy%

Klee construct information: Klee’s best crew mixture

Klee's best team combination in Genshin Impact.

Klee and Bennett match very nicely. Since she not often wants to maneuver, Bennett’s Elemental Burst can enhance her ATK and Elemental Mastery, guaranteeing that Klee has the whole lot wanted to bomb the enemy. Even simply letting him within the crew will set off a 25% ATK elemental resonance enhance.

Venti is one other good selection. He can use his frequent elemental outbursts to spherical up the enemy, in order that Klee can keep protected whereas being really ridiculous AoE DMG. With the swirl impact, that is the right elemental storm.

Although Bennett and Venti ought to have the ability to be sure that Klee is protected and sound, Diona’s defend not solely acts as a buffer, but in addition establishes an environment friendly melting response by way of Klee’s steady flame output.

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