Google is finally taking smart watches seriously

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Another vital motive why Google is lagging behind smartwatch competitors is its lack of excellent well being and health product portfolio. In latest years, Apple has added electrocardiogram (ECG) and blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) measurements to its watches, and there are rumors that blood glucose monitoring will turn into the main target. The next new health function In the upcoming Series 7 smart watch.

But Google now owns Fitbit and is utilizing the energy of this wearable firm. Your subsequent Google-powered smartwatch could have most of the similar options now discovered on Fitbit gadgets, equivalent to well being monitoring and train progress, in addition to wrist celebrations that present further energy. Fitbit may also produce superior smart watches operating Wear sooner or later.

However, features equivalent to ECG and SpO2 should not natively constructed into Wear. Kilburn stated: “More specialized features like ECG will be determined by the manufacturer. We have enabled them to bring this innovation to the market, so it depends on the launch of the specific device.” Both Samsung and Fitbit supply SpO2 and ECG Tracking operate Existing watches and trackers, So (although not but confirmed) these options should be current when their respective Wear watches make their debut later.

Kilburn additionally stated that Google is additionally working with Fitbit (and Samsung) to rebuild the underlying well being and health framework in Wear to make exercise monitoring extra correct and make it simpler for builders to gather and use monitoring information. “In the past, they had to traverse the entire operating system to collect different data, but we integrated them all into a framework that they can use.”

Since the Fitbit software may also be logged in on Wear, future Wear smartwatch customers can select to make use of the Fitbit software or Google Fit to trace health information. Kilburn couldn’t touch upon future plans, however stated that anybody who chooses a Fitbit Wear smartwatch will “continue to have a great experience on Fitbit.”

As for the longer term updates of Wear, Kilburn didn’t disclose whether or not Google will comply with the annual replace cycle like Android does, or how Apple will launch a brand new watchOS model yearly. Instead, anticipate a extra frequent replace rhythm.

Catch up

It ought to be identified that though Google introduced that it had accomplished the acquisition of Fitbit in January after acquiring the approval of the European Union Antitrust Commission, the situation is that Google can’t use Fitbit customers’ well being information for promoting, and it should separate Fitbit and Google information. This signifies that the US Department of Justice has routinely signed the settlement.

A Google spokesperson acknowledged that it has complied with the assessment of the U.S. Department of Commerce and “the agreed waiting period has expired without objection.” However, the assessment by the Department of Justice is nonetheless in progress, and it has the proper to seek out that the acquisition harms competitors. Law enforcement instruments.

Nevertheless, despite the fact that it has been seven years since Google launched its smart watch platform, the corporate has nothing to indicate off. According to firm evaluation, as of the fourth quarter of 2020, Wear OS solely accounts for two.7% of the market Counterpoint research. Apple’s international smartwatch gross sales elevated by 19% throughout the identical interval and now occupy a 40% market share. Samsung jumped to 10% market share, whereas Fitbit stagnated at 7%. Google now owns 7% of the corporate, however nonetheless wants Samsung to develop the Wear platform.

Jeff Fieldhack, director of analysis at Counterpoint Research, stated: “Apple clearly dominates, but Samsung is clearly the second largest player.” “They have brand awareness. They sell the most connected devices to date. , This is also a trend-cellular connection. By installing a modem, you can have a separate device without the need for a smartphone companion.”