How to avoid those annoying cookie pop-ups

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Until now Get used to always hacking into Cookie pop-up home windows. The query is all the time the identical: “Do you accept cookies from this website?” You could click on “Yes” and you will not suppose twice about navigating the maze of settings nested in obscure menus.

But this doesn’t have to be this manner. Although we can’t blame you for not wanting to dig into the detailed and infrequently complicated cookie permissions of every web site, there are steps you may take to forestall web sites from monitoring you and eliminate pop-up home windows altogether.

The outbreak of cookie consent pop-ups began in 2018, partly as a result of General Data Protection Regulation. The adjustments made are designed to make it simpler for folks to perceive and management how to observe them on-line. In reality, it makes the Internet much more unusable.

The method many web sites implement cookie notifications doesn’t assist. While discovering sure web sites, darkish patterns will entice folks to click on “Yes” Ignore people’s choices full. Many web sites depend on third events to present their cookie pop-up know-how. outcome? confused. The choices you employ to management cookies are divided into unusual classes, corresponding to “device characteristics” and “performance cookies”. And, to make issues worse, information safety regulators have taken nearly no measures. Make things better.

Sergio Maldonado, co-founder and CEO of the software program improvement firm PrivacyCloud, mentioned: “The cookie consent slogan is a joke.” “The cookie consent requirement does not help people protect their future choices, but Very annoying and often runs counter to the accessibility guidelines on mobile devices, which makes the lives of people with various disabilities more difficult.”

What should I do? In addition to driving major changes (enforcing the law, improving consent notices, and reconsidering the way online tracking works), there are some steps you can take to help yourself. Here are some tips to consider.

Reject all cookies consent notice

Midas Nouwens has been checking cookie consent pop-up windows for years. Digital copyright scholars aim to indicate to the data protection supervisory authority that the cookie consent notice is invalid. But the regulator did not do much about this, so at the end of 2019, Nuweis and his colleagues from Aarhus University in Denmark released Consent-O-Matic. This is an open source browser extension (Chrome alloy,, Firefox browser,, GitHub), when the Cookie pop-up window appears, it will automatically fill in your preferences.

Nouwens said: “It actually submitted a legal and valid consent form to the website, so you can be sure (although not 100%) that the answer given by the extension is indeed complied with.” When Consent-O-Matic sends the cookie settings When you arrive at the website, a notification will be displayed briefly in your browser to inform you that the system is operating normally. “In principle, we will not collect any usage information.” Nouwens added.

Maldonado’s PrivacyCloud created a similar open source extension: Consent Manager (Chrome alloy,, Firefox browser,, GitHub). The system rejects all possible cookies and flags when the website does not respect your choice. “The tool will look for the most common cookie tagline formats and delete them,” Maldonado said. Ninja Cookies Do something similar, reject cookies by default. Although it is not open source, it has advanced features, but there are also extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and Opera. Both PrivacyCloud and NinjaCookie state that they do not collect data about your behavior.

The most popular cookie blocker is “I don’t care about cookies, Has been in existence since 2012. More than half a million people use it on Chrome, but it may not protect your privacy like the example above. Creator Daniel Kladnik (Daniel Kladnik) stated that the purpose is to simply get rid of pop-up windows and block or hide Cookie pop-up windows in most cases. Kladnik said: “Assuming that users protect themselves by using other tools, extensions and browser settings, they can take all measures to get rid of cookie-related pop-up windows.”

Turn off cookies

Third-party cookies are about to disappear.Apple and Firefox have largely eradicated monitoring know-how of their browsers, and when Google will eliminate them in Chrome next year They can be nearly out of date. This doesn’t imply that it’s not price taking any motion in opposition to cookies presently utilized by the web site on the browser stage.