Ingenuity’s next flight on Mars may be the most interesting to date

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Original illustrations of the indomitable Mars helicopter.

Original illustrations of the indomitable Mars helicopter.
illustration: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Fragile however spectacular tenacious Originality has booked a sixth flight on Mars.Scheduled someday next week Flying will be the first helicopter New demonstration stage, After 5 profitable check flights, proved The feasibility of power-controlled flight on the pink planet.

The originality is right now Perched on the new airport about 400 toes from Wright Brothers Field flight.It strikes nearer to the Persevering Wanderer,proper now Busy with my mission Will not take photos of helicopter escape.The rover will be modified to focus on science, search [R巨大的残留物 化石生活的火星河三角洲。

美国宇航局在新闻稿中概述了飞行计划 Published this week.The sixth flight of the helicopter will rise to 33 feet (10 feetM) the altitude reached before the fifth flight Then fly Nearly 500 feet southwest, take some stereo images of areas of interest for future missions, And then go back a bit 164 feet (50 meters) can land on a new airport called Field C. Ingenuity’s team will continue to increase the bet on the movement speed, height and height of this small helicopter, which is the main purpose s hard work To test handicrafts Apply to be a Martian scout.

The stereo image will focus on the ripples of the sand and some rock outcrops, which is an area of ​​interest to NASA; the intricate preview will serve as an example of how aerial scouts can train stand by By finding the smoothest Mars rover route, A valuable sol that potentially saves commuting time.As Reported by CNN, The photographs from the helicopter will take longer to return to Earth, Whereas Perseverance is the predominant operator of Ingenuity. Now, the distance between the helicopter and the rover is larger, The knowledge downlink pace will be a bit slower.

Smart pace next time Demonstration will be 9 Miles per hour, it can final 140 seconds, simply previous Its document high pace 8 Miles per hourAnd set a brand new Record time.This can even be a spot that Ingenuity didn’t have earlier than touchdown for the first time Reconnaissance from the air. The authentic staff relies upon on The photographs taken by NASA’s Mars Orbiter to show that the floor is a touchdown website. There is at present no precise date for the flight; This will rely on the changeable Martian climate.

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