Master of the Universe: The first trailer of the Apocalypse has power

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Oh my God, I’ve too many emotions about this franchise.
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I’ve been very vigilant Kevin Smith Master of the universe: Enlightenment There are two causes. The largest one is that Smith has all the time known as it “continue”The unique 1983 Seaman and the Lord of the Universe Cartoon, this seems impossible, because the original is completely episodic, which means that there is no story to continue.The second reason is that Netflix originally called it an anime series, and even less Continuation of (Netflix has stopped). But looking at this very, very much The first trailer of the series is good, and I think I finally figured it out.

Yes it means i have a question about Enlightenment. Shut up and watch:

Judging from the opening shots of “Grey Skull Castle”, that is excellent with the unique collection. Everything appears to be like precisely the identical as in the 80s collection, simply… significantly better.The characters use the identical design and (moderately) easy colour palette, however they’re extra detailed, cooler, and extra precisely represented Original action figures–they don’t Update,Just proper. Well, with some of the greatest exceptions; plainly Prince Adam is now youthful and smaller than Seaman, which makes his transformation extra spectacular and significant, and Seaman has his current “H” image on his chest , Instead of an iron cross, this can be a superb concept for a range of causes. Admittedly, I’m undecided about He-Man’s new product, Sailor Moon-esque Transformation sequence.

But it’s hard to worry too much when Enlightenment It seems to have all the actions that the original manga lacks, and then there are some. At that time, children’s animations really couldn’t show violent images-I don’t mean, I mean that throughout the original series in the 80s, He-Man never beat another creature with a sword or punch. The worst thing he would do is pick up a bad guy and throw him into a bucket or puddle. As you can see, this is no longer the case. He-Man, Skeletor and the other no longer have any problems, trying to defeat each other with fists, weapons and in Skeletor’s case, some really bad witchcraft. Damn it, even Orko did some cool things! Of course, the Beastman will still jump out of the land shark one second before the laser blows it up, in the classic cartoon style, but this is good! Our kids in the 80s never needed the Lord of the Universe to kill each other, we just wanted He-Man to punch Skeletor in the face…it looks like we will be resolved.

In the information that didn’t make me ecstatic, Netflix additionally introduced Revelation: The post-revelation of the Lord of the Universe, It seems like this will probably be a 25-minute particular EnlightenmentThe first 5 episodes.This will probably be Smith hosted, “Rob David, Executive Producer and Vice President of Mattel Content Creative”, and actor Tiffany Smith who plays Andra (a new role in the show. This is a long story). Actors Mark Hamill (Skeletor), Chris Wood (He-Man), Sarah Michelle Gellar (Teela), Lena Heidi (Evil-Lyn), Henry Rollins (Tri -Klops), Griffin Newman (Orko) will join them, and more.

The first half of the year Master of the Universe: Apocalypse It will premiere on Netflix on July 23. Suddenly, it felt far, far away.

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