The long journey of the apocalyptic game “Usoni” in Africa

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In latest years, Kenya has change into a quickly growing expertise heart. In 2010, WIRED known as it Silicon Prairie.According to Douglas Ogeto, CEO of the Nairobi-based pan-African game writer Ludick Works, The nation has as much as 20 skilled video game studios. He stated: “We are still lagging behind South Africa, but as Kenya benefits from affordable mobile data, new teaching institutions focused on game development skills, and a growing market for young people who can use the Internet, the gaming industry is developing rapidly. .smart phone. “

It is the first time for Rigaudis and Musau to make a video game.Kick off Usoni They based Jiwe in June 2020 and recruited a dozen younger professionals. These embody 25-year-old Telvin Njoroge and 22-year-old Arnold Mwaura, two self-taught builders engaged in game improvement from final summer season to February.

Usoni half one It is a 2.5D puzzle platform game. The participant leads Ophelia and Ulysses to flee from Paris, in the direction of the ship that transports them to the Port of Africa on Lampedusa. They should journey by way of industrial ruins, refugee camps and hostile areas managed by the all-around border police. Between the two, their smuggler Felix requested Ulysses to discover a drug in an deserted laboratory to remedy his spouse.

“We worked together at first,” Mwara stated. “Once we know what he can do and what I can do, we will separate. Telvin works on the AI ​​side of the game, and I work on the level side.

After the alpha version was released in December last year, they spent a lot of time fixing the errors in the final release. “Our checklist is long,” Njoroge recalled, looking for files on his computer while smiling. “One of the primary issues we encountered was associated to our synthetic intelligence; it could not sustain with the gamers. At some level, this character ought to climb a sure ledge, and it retains rising with out stopping.”

So far, most of the bugs have been fixed, and the game experience is smooth, except for the last sequence. In the last sequence, Ulysses and Ophelia were sometimes trapped in unfamiliar positions for a few seconds when they fell into battle. , Where they are inevitably hit by the shooter. boundary.

After several failed attempts, I skipped all the trenches and finally boarded the ship. In the last scene, it moved away from the shore and disappeared into the mist. Then, the message “to be continued” on a black background appeared on my screen.After playing for half an hour, it made a frustrating note because I just started to be immersed in Usoni universe.

In other words, this short first part aims to be an appetizer for a richer, longer sequel, which will dig deeper into the visual and narrative potential of the story.

Jiwe’s team is working on Usoni: Part Two, They hope to release before July or August 2021 the third part It is planned to be developed in 2022. Both will be developed in full 3D mode. “in the second half, We will enrich the character, and gamers will study the backstory of Ophelia and different folks round her (for instance, Ulysses),” said Kennady Kyalo. At the age of 31, this 3D artist led the creation of the work​​ Usoni universe.

The game’s apocalyptic visual world and tailoring scenes are eye-catching, but it is clear where they came from. “We had been impressed by Blade Runner 2049 And video video games comparable to Far Cry New Dawn with Our final half, the second half,” Kyalo said. “We wish to convey a way of thriller, which is why we use rather a lot of fog to cowl up the surroundings. We additionally wish to play in the environment of winter as a result of the solar has stopped popping out. It’s darkish and chilly, you actually cannot say what time is it now.”