The world needs an “Amber Chronicle” TV show

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Roger Zelazny broke into the science fiction world within the Sixties and revealed a collection of groundbreaking tales that mixed pulp sensibility and allusive pyrotechnic prose.One of his many admirers is the author F. Brett Cox (F. Brett Cox), who simply revealed a book About the writer.

“It’s hard to exaggerate the impact of his work on people who really like it,” Cox mentioned in episode 467 of “TV Series.” Geek Galaxy Guide podcast. “In my own novels, it can be said that throughout my career I have tried to write something that can affect anyone as strongly as the last sentence of the Bible. The Rose of Ecclesiastes It affected me the first time I read it. “

In the Nineteen Seventies and Nineteen Eighties, Zelazny achieved wonderful success along with his 10-volume works amber Series, however critics consider that swordsmanship and legends are a waste of his expertise.Cox believes that the important thing consensus is about amber At finest, it is oversimplified.

He mentioned: “As scholars or critics, there is often a gap between what we want literature to do and what literature actually does.” “And I think amber The series is a good example of how literature can really make a difference. It provides readers with a world in which they lose themselves and participate in it. It just hooked them. “

Although Zelazny’s reputation could have declined previously few years, his fast and playful fashion of storytelling has had a huge effect on generations of fantasy writers. “I quote some young writers at the end of the book. They talked about how Zarazni influenced their work,” Cox mentioned. “And I know very well at least one person, and maybe all of them, amber Is the portal- amber Books brought them in. “

Outside of science fiction, Zelazny continues to be a little-known character, however Cox hopes that movie or TV diversifications will make him a family title, identical to Zelazny’s shut buddy George RR Martin As it occurred.

“A number of years in the past, now there are talc Robert Kirkman The strolling useless, I wished to make a mini collection Amber Chronicles,” Cox mentioned. “Therefore, there are signs that this may lead to some level of awareness. “

Listen to the total interview on episode 467 of “F. Brett Cox” Geek Galaxy Guide (the above). And take a look at some key factors from the dialogue under.

Brett Cox (F. Brett Cox) on Zelazny’s character:

“[Zelazny] Has been in contact with Samuel R. Delany, who is also a good friend of Harlan Ellison. This is an interesting comparison because they are contemporaries and very famous. Of course, we all know how many books Harlan Ellison wrote for himself, and Danyy did a lot of memoirs. But Zelazny did not. …I have had as many conversations as possible with people who know Zelazny-among the people I know or can reach, this is really a shocking general consensus about how he is personally highly valued. No one said bad things to him, that’s great. But a few people did notice that, as the saying goes, he stayed focused on himself. There is always a little distance there. “

F. Brett Cox’s criticism of Zelazny:

“In terms of Zelazny’s monograph research, Early From Carl Yoke, he is a long-time scholar of science fiction studies and a close friend of Zelazny – they grew up in Ohio together.Then there Crewrick’s e-bookAnd then there Lindskold’s book. Lindskold quoted a passage in her introduction to one of many volumes of NESFA Press Collect storiesHer assertion is that Zelazny wrote some seemingly more traditional swordplay stories because he likes these things. He has been studying since he was a child and really likes that type of novel, and he wrote this book because he was willing. “

The literary popularity of F. Brett Cox:

“The problem of literary reputation is endlessly fascinating and endless. …Of course, even if you don’t read science fiction, Bradbury is still known as a science fiction writer, and Philip K. Dick joined in. The company. But if you look [Zelazny’s] Contemporaries, like Dany, Ursula Le Guin and Joanna Russ, etc. [they all] Has earned a reputation outside of science fiction-Michael Moorcock is widely known in contemporary English literature-and Zelazny does not. I have no definite answer to this. “

F. Brett Cox’s story about Zelazny and Moorcock:

“When Moorcock is editing New world They serialized a novel by Norman Spinrad Bug Jack Barron, It was condemned in Parliament for publishing obscene material. Zelazny is also in trouble.He published a lot Light and dark creatures in New world, And some of his short stories. A very interesting moment in the letter I read in the library between Zelazny and Moorcock is what Moorcock just said: “Give me extra. Write one thing.” Surprisingly, from his time Other writers spoke highly of his work, and other writers in the 1960s were surprised by what he did.”

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