Uber unexpectedly promises health care subsidies for its U.S. workers

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Last month, Uber by accident despatched an e-mail to drivers throughout the United States, promising to supply them with partial health insurance coverage. Just kidding, they will not do this, they usually remorse their errors.

In a follow-up e-mail despatched to drivers throughout the United States final night time, Uber clarified that it solely offers some medical insurance coverage for California drivers. Ed Burmila, a podcast who works as a part-time Uber driver, forwarded the message to Gizmodo. It wrote:

On May 26, we despatched you two emails with the topic “Now is a good time to get health insurance.”

One of those two emails tells you that Uber will help pay for your health care. Unfortunately, we mistakenly despatched this e-mail to you as a result of this coverage solely applies to drivers and supply personnel in California. “

The email went on to say that if you assume that Uber will be involved and accidentally sign up for healthcare services, Uber will reimburse your first month’s premiums. If you didn’t open the email yesterday, it looks like you were fucked:

If you choose to keep your insurance or register for insurance after June 9, 2021, you will not be eligible for reimbursement and will be responsible for your monthly premiums.

This means that if drivers register today without seeing follow-up, they will lose hundreds of dollars this year. In an email on May 26, Uber stated that it may rise from $613.77 to $1,277.54, depending on the weekly “lively” time (at least 15 hours and at least 25 hours, respectively) within a quarter. “Active” time is a vital qualifier; it implies that there is no such thing as a must spend time ready for the experience, which may clarify 35% The time of the motive force on the clock.

Uber confirmed that they sent emails to drivers across the country. When asked to comment, the company sent the following statement to Gizmodo:

In late May, we sent U.S. drivers and delivery personnel information about the types of healthcare options available to them. These options are different in California from other parts of the U.S. We mistakenly sent an email to some drivers that only applies to California drivers. Our support team is working directly with anyone affected, and we regret the error.

Uber sent this California-specific email because it followed the California law it enacted and provided subsidies as a stopgap measure to pay the minimum wage and unemployment insurance. According to the recently passed California Voting Measures Proposition 22 (co-authored by Uber), as long as drivers are not classified as employees, they can only receive minimal benefits.If Uber followed Current legislation If Proposition 22 is overturned, it should pay sick go away, workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance coverage as a substitute of forcing states Exhausted their funds During the pandemic.

Studies have proven that except lawmakers are in energy within the firm, Uber drivers will convey house hungry wages.Last 12 months, a research discovered that drivers in San Francisco made solely 360 USD per week, And one other Seattle After deducting bills, the motive force’s hourly revenue is roughly $9.73. (Seattle has applied a wage backside line.)

Uber’s email does provide useful instructions on canceling the health care plan.