Zhurong Wanderers landed on the surface of Mars for the first time, digital trends

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Mars is getting busy, and NASA’s Perseverance and Curiosity rover and InSight lander have joined a brand new explorer: China’s Zhu Rong rover. Arrived last week And lately despatched it again First picture Starting on the crimson planet, Zhurong now rolls to the surface of Mars for the first time.

Zhu Rong’s view of the rover when it’s deployed from the lander. China Nuclear Safety Administration

The rover went by means of arduous entry, descent, and touchdown phases. During this section, the lander should cross by means of the skinny Martian ambiance and sluggish itself down sufficient to land gently on the floor. The rover nonetheless hooked up to its lander instantly started gathering telemetry knowledge. Everything seems nice, and the rover slides down the ramp from the lander into the Martian soil.

According to the China National Space Administration (CNSA), Zhu Rong touched the surface of the planet at 10:40 Beijing time on May 22 (Beijing time) (10:40 US Eastern time on May 21, Beijing time).

This makes China the second county to efficiently function a rover on Mars, and the U.S. Zhurong will discover the Utopia Planitia space in a three-month mission to look for indicators of water ice and analyze the chemical composition of the surface.

As far as the pause operate is worried, Zhurong additionally has features that different rover didn’t have earlier than. China’s state information company Xinhua mentioned: “This is the first Mars rover with an active suspension system.” write. Jia Yang, deputy chief designer of the Astronomy 1 probe of the China Tiandi Research Institute, mentioned: “This might help the rover to get rid of by shifting like a ruler worm on the complicated surface of Mars. Dilemma.” Space Technology. “

Rover to Chinese traditional fire godIt weighs 240 kg (529 lb), which is smaller and lighter than NASA’s Perseverance Rover. There are additionally some main variations: the bamboo rong is photo voltaic powered, the photo voltaic panels on the high unfold out like butterfly wings, whereas Perseverance makes use of a radioisotope energy system for nuclear energy era. Since the daylight on Mars is weaker than that on Earth, Zhurong could make its photo voltaic panels face the solar when shifting to maximise vitality assortment.

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